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ER Solutions Download Page is where you will conveniently find all of Society of Petroleum Engineers White Papers, Product Showcase Power Point, Bioremediation power pont, company tri- fold, and  ER Solutions Newsletters. All files are available for immediate download. 

Energy Remediation Solutions Product Showcase ppt.

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ERS Line Card

ERS Oilfield Product ppt.

ERS Bioremediation ppt.


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ERS Oilfield Trifold

Description File
ERS Oilfield Trifold pdf ERS Oilfield (810 KB)


White Papers

Description File
Wellbore Stimulation Using Microorganisms To Control and Remediate Existing Paraffin Accumulations pdf SPE23813 (618 KB)  
Improved Water Flood Operation in the Permian Basin Through Microbial Culture Treatment pdf SPE35216 (50 KB)  
Microbial Stimulation of Lake Maracaibo Oil Wells pdf SPE56503 (322 KB)  
Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) Technology in Bokor Field, Sarawak pdf SPE72125 (399 KB)  
Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery: Diverse Successful Applications of Biotechnology in the Oil Field pdf SPE72129 (201 KB)