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December 2016


Winter is coming - Time to Winterize Your Wells

And that’s not just for the “The Game of Thrones”. Winter temperatures bring out the worst in paraffin accumulations in surface equipment. As flowline and tank temperatures fall, wax deposition increases and blockages and restrictions increase. Winterize your production system by using our natural, environmentally friendly products for controlling paraffin deposition. By producing targeted solvents and surfactants as well as directly metabolizing paraffin, they reduce cloud points and pour points and hold back these production threatening hydrocarbon deposits. Save money and keep your oil flowing—give us a call to have us winterize your wells against paraffin.

Just inject environmentally friendly microbial culture products into your oil wells and watch the oil flow increase, and the quality improve. As always references available upon request. Because--that’s the science behind the service.

We also treat paraffin, asphaltene, scale and corrosion problems. Stay tuned for more in upcoming newsletters.

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“The formula for success, rise early, work hard, strike oil.” J. Paul Getty

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Claude Ephraim ZoBell’s Contribution to Petroleum Microbiology

Claude Ephraim ZoBell, whose discovery of organisms living at extreme ocean depths earned him the title "father of marine microbiology." He discovered not only 65 species of ocean bacteria but showed that microorganisms affect the properties of petroleum.

Claude ZoBell received his PhD in 1931 and worked in marine microbiology, including barobiology, and in petroleum microbiology making a significant impact on the geosciences.  Most of his work was done at what is now known as the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  He showed that microbial life existed in all parts of the oceans and developed methods for observing it.

He discovered that bacteria growing in sediment facilitated migration of petroleum from its site of formation to oil traps, a concept that about 35-40 years later was applied by others to microbially enhanced oil recovery. His observations and those of others of the bacterial attack on petroleum hydrocarbons led to the concept of bioremediation of oil pollution. ZoBell’s recognition that some microbes serve as geologic agents culminated in his founding of the Geomicrobiology Journal in 1978 and serving as its first editor-in-chief.

ZoBell kept microorganisms living and reproducing in a laboratory at Scripps in steel tubes thick enough to withstand pressures 1,000 times greater than the Earth's atmosphere to further facilitate his research. He won a patent for the process that bacteria can cause oil to separate from marine sediments in 1947, which ZoBell assigned to the American Petroleum Institute for free public use. His research has shed much light on how microbial action affects oil spills.


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Energy Remediation Solutions is safe for the environment product manufacturer created by oil and gas operators dedicated to guaranteeing economic, highly effective solutions to O&G production problems in the world's oil industry.  ERS manufactures all of its products for either upstream, midstream, or downstream applications in the oil and gas industry for oilfield equipment/facilities or environmental remediation. ERS provides products to multiple distributors including environmental companies, chemical companies, and directly to oil and gas operating companies. 

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Energy Remediation Solutions is the world Expert in Microbial Oil & Gas Technology… in Today’s
Market…Boosting Margins is Vital

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